Alphacan Headquarters

During all these years, the constant commitment to bring into houses elegance, excellency and energy saving through the design and manufacturing of a complete range of PVC fitting systems spanning from profiles for windows and French doors, sliding doors, shutters and entrance doors made possible the completion of significant works.

The satisfaction of many clients worldwide contributed to the current global success and brand awareness of Alphacan whose mission comes from the desire of creating above all a tight partnership link with its client.

The essential peculiarities which make Alphacan's PVC profiles renowned worldwide, are their elegant and contemporary design, suitable to gift a high aesthetic value to the architectural context in which it is included, joined to an evolved technology which simplifies manufacturing processes entrusted to the fitter and makes possible to achieve high levels of thermal and sound insulation and allows as well an economic saving and thus a concrete reduction in building heating and cooling costs


Products and services in full compliance with Italian and European rules are offered to a selected network of assembling fitters, which operate in close relation interfacing with all the corporate departments, a connection aimed to an accurate and custom service.

Not only an operator provided with solid operative skills, but also who is embarking for the first time on the PVC profile trade and intend to start a business using our products, shall be assisted and followed by our sales force and will find dedicated solutions, which will be analysed in team and will be perfectly adapted for each single need.


Always at your disposal, Alphacan's Technical Staff together with the network of sales officers, all provided of multiple years' experience in the field, are able to offer a 360 degree consultancy on products and manufacturing technologies as well as to give a new impulse to your business.


The essence of our mission can be summarized as follows:

  • highly innovative Italian aesthetic and design;
  • customer driven without compromises;
  • constant improvement;
  • environmental sustainability;
  • involvement of partner customers in product R&D.


Alphacan provides a custom support, ensuring a focused response and service for each customer.
In this direction, the company is available for a tailored marketing activity, providing the essential tools for carrying out correctly promotion and sales activities and a custom consultancy service.


The technical assistance, formed by skilled staff, trained for solving any problem, operates swiftly and with the maximum accuracy.
A team of sales operators trained to simplify, through advice, information and instructions, the purchase and maintenance procedures of the products, is always at your disposal.
A consultancy service is always active for clearing any doubt, for orienting the customer, for ensuring him with peace of mind and prompt responses.
Technical update meetings with engineers, architects and professionals from the industry, are organized upon request, as well as sales training and updating course which allow to everyone to develop and make blossom their own business.
Deliveries are efficient and timely, because, for fitting manufacturers, supply times play a key role.

Alphacan's service is a warranty for any fitter who desires solid bases for tackling with strength and determination any new market challenge.